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LP Studio Came with incorrect wiring???


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I bought a LP Studio a couple of years ago and got a great deal because the toggle switch appeared to be broken because It would not play in the middle position and when changing positions it would even cut out. I replaced the Toggle switch and the hard cutting out with static is gone, but it only plays in the middle position if both volume knobs are turned up. If either one of them is turned down to 0 then neither one works. The toggle switch wiring is correct, but the control cavity wiring is a nightmare to figure out with so many different wires that are wrapped up and cut short. Does anyone have a picture or a schematic of the LP Studio's correct wiring. or is this how its supposed to be performing? Thanks,

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Lothius - I have an LP Studio, too. Your Wiring is perfectly NORMAL, it's

referred to as "Modern" Wiring. Info to follow.


Welcome to the Forum, BTW.


We'll answer questions if we can. Your type of question

has been coming up a lot recently.


JCwillow - GOOD Drawings!!!


Lothius - The following is a Topic and link from the "Do-It-Yourself" thread

pinned at the top of the EPIPHONE LOUNGE page, explains in detail JC's drawings

AND your Question. (Click link, scroll up to top of page - for some reason,

link puts you in middle of page!)...




"3 way switch in middle, turn one volume down, BOTH pup outputs go down.

Wanna know why? Also Independent Volume Control wiring..."


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what doe's the middle position matter if one pot is at zero volume anyhow?

Bender makes a good point. If you are in the middle position you are using both pickups. There would be no reason to have one of them at 0.




First things first....Welcome To The Forum! Pics please. (unwritten right of passage)


As explained, there are 4 basic wiring types for a LP.

Modern dependent (yours which is stock), Modern independent (volumes work independently in middle position), 50s dependent, 50s independent.


Are you looking to change your wiring or were you just looking for an answer to your question?


By the way, the wiring only looks confusing in a stock Epi LP because it is done with an eye to production efficiency and cost.






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