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Help dating this 70s SG


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Hey guys!


Need help identifying this SG. Bought it off eBay about 8 years ago. I love this guitar. Unfortunately, it's not all original. It's been refinished and has Grover tuning machines and the back plate was removed and replaced with a homemade piece of cut plastic. Also the pickguard was removed. Since it has been refinished, the serial number on the back of the headstock is barely legible. I can make out a few numbers. The last 4 numbers I think say 5648, or it could be 5643...or 5843. Not sure since the 8's could be 6's...and the 3's could be 8's and vice versa. It's really worn down unfortunately.


Other than that, the pickups are stamped '78. Which leads me to believe it IS a 1978...but I have no idea if these pickups are even original.


Can anyone shed any light on this guitar? Is this a standard model?


Here's some pictures...don't mind the tape residue around the pickup selector switch, was recording and the switch kept popping into the middle position, have to fix it.











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whats color is it. The neck seems really thin on the picks. to me it looks like it is what your pickups says a 78. If you look at pickup switch. today and in the 60th and early 70th pick up switch is parallel with stop bar, on your it's further up. In my search something happen with that maybe in 74 on this issue here's a pick of a 74 224Gibson207420SG20Standard_03.jpg

here's a pick of a Gibson custom standard reissue 61. pickup switch are parallel with stop bar 7e44f779-c180-40d5-bf88-935c079ed31e.jpg


On my angus sg it's parallel to and that's a late late 60th or early 70th. they can't say for sure 029.jpg


My Little Sunday investigation Tell's it's a 1978 sg special, but i ain't a exspert. BTW it looked really cool

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Thanks for all the replies.


Yah the Gibson logo is a bit receded due to the refinish. After thinking about it, the neck is definitely thinner than my friends 2002 SG (not sure of the model).


So would this be a 1978 SG Special? Which SGs had thinner necks and dot inlays opposed to square-ish like most SGs I've seen?


Thanks again for all the help

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