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Just got an Epi Masterbuilt AJ500ME


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It needed some minor setup work out of the box, but most guitars need some tweaking, especially acoustics, imo. This has a solid spruce top, solid mahogany sides and back, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard, open back grover tuners, bone nut and saddle. Had it setup with 13's to get a little deeper tone, and this baby has a serious voice to it. It's got the eSonic2 pre-amp system, I've plugged it into my SCXD on channel 16, and it sounds VERY nice.

Onto the pics





I did a cover of Kashmir using my Zoom H2 set to 2 channel, sometimes you can hear the guitar very clearly, other times it blends in, pretty much like the original. I did several takes on this, sometimes you could just hear the guitar, other times just the backing track. This guitar can have some booming resonance.

Thanks for checking it out. This is my first decent acoustic, and for the money, I don't know if it can be beat.


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If I could keep only one guitar, it would be my AJ500ME VS. Mine is an earlier model with the Baggs Element.

These guitars are an amazing value and pass the blind sound test easily against more expensive guitars.

Thanks for the clip. Sounds great.

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