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Guest WiseAxe

A real Frankendread.


Just shows how Gibson is the business to stay in business, & if you'd like them to make a guitar w/ the treb side of the back in cedar & the bass half of the back in rose', and it means a guaranteed guitar sale, they'll probably do it for you. Bear in mind, this one probably won't hold it's value & increase in value as much just because of it's "rarity".


Re: that excerpt from Gruhn's report; true enough, but probably taken out of context, Gruhn was being polite/professional (but I'm sure that a "wtf?" may have crossed his mind) and there is a reference to the "tough to put a value on this one, bud" in the few words of his appraisal (notice how the lister did not tell what Geo. said it was worth) that did make it onto the ebay listing.



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