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I am looking at buying an 8 track recorder. I have been looking at the TASCAM DP-02. Does anyone have this recorder or recommend another brand and model? Thanks



Hey kingme,


I don't have any experience with that unit, but it looks pretty nice for the money. The dedicated high/low EQ on each track is a great touch, as are the internal effects & CD burning capability. The only thing I'd recommend adding would be a compressor for your incoming signal. If you're planning to record "clean" toned electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums or vocals, the compressor will be a welcome help to eliminate level spikes. It's also great for legato electric guitar parts.


Hope this helps!



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Thanks for the reply. I'll be recording acoustic guitar, a bass, and maybe on some tracks a Telecaster. I will be using the LR Baggs Venure DI for the acoustic guitars. Any recommendations on the compressor, or will the DI be sufficient? Thanks.


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I think the DP-02 is a discontinued model now, I read somewhere that there's now a DP-03. The DP-02 has built in compression but whether that's on inputs or outputs I couldn't say. I use my PC for recording but a friend has the Boss BR-800 and that might be worth a look if you're looking for alternative suggestions. I think it costs a little more than the Tascam but it's got a ton of stuff built in for getting the job done quickly. He's had some great results.

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