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what was the FIRST ever guitar pedal you bought?

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The first pedal I ever bought was a Zoom 505II mutli-effects pedal.


Zoom 505II


I used it to get slightly better drive than the terrible overdrive channel on my terrible practice amp. (The cleans on that thing weren't great either, but better than the OD by a long shot.)


I got it because it was really cheap (I was in college) and it let me play with a bunch of effects and start figuring out what sounds I wanted.


The one thing it couldn't do was imitate a wah pedal. I think it has auto-wah in it, but it never really worked the way I wanted. That deficiency inspired me to go pick up a Dunlop Crybaby (which is still on my pedalboard).


You know, I bet I still have the thing kicking around somewhere. I might have to dig it out later and give it a run against my pedal board. [biggrin]

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First 'sorta' pedal = Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 power booster, $19.99 brand new in 1984. Now they're frickin' collector's items.


First pedal acquired as swap bait = Washburn Stack-in-a-Box. Sounded like rump. Sold it immediately.


First pedal bought on purpose, right in front of God and everyone = ProCo Rat, first incarnation, 1985. List price $99, my dealer cost in 1985 about $43.

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The first pedal I had was given to me by my dads mate. It was a korg toneworks AX1 that he didnt want anymore. This guy also gave me a behringer eurostack ub802 mixer which he didnt want. I still use the mixer its great. The first pedal /my parents bought was a christmas present, the zoom g7.1ut. Pretty expensive but I never use it because I have so many effects also on my zoom fire 30 amp.

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My first pedal was a Climb phaser, it sounded so great at the time. I sold it 10 years later, more like gave it away, a guy was about to buy a cheap wireless system from me (Star or some brand like that) and he saw that pedal and a fretless bass I had (a washburn lion of which I had taken the frets off using a pair of pliers :rolleyes: ) he asked me how much I wanted for the whole thing (bass+pedal+wireless) and I sold it all to him for 150 bucks [cursing]


My next buy was a zoom gfx707 or something like that, it came with everything the musician needed, even an expression pedal :rolleyes: and at the time it too sounded so great. :rolleyes:


Makes me wanna go back to the time when a $80 multifx pedal was the greatest sound in the world (it gave me slashtone baby!)

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Actually my first 2 pedals were a gift from my now wife, when I started playing again she saw I was browsing for Boss pedals on the internet and going by the history she bought me a Boss Metal Zone which I still have and a Boss Blues Driver which I returned because I didn't think it did anything my amp at the time didn't already do.


By returning the Blues Driver I pissed off the guitar Gods and brought myself forever bad gift karma, my wife has never gotten me anything that cool again. I wish I had kept that pedal even if i used it as a boost or a different level of overdrive so not to tweak the amp.


Stupid move on my part.


I'll never part with the Metal Zone, lesson learned.

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