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They are gone by now [crying]


I was an usher at a wedding last week and I wanted to look presentable.


Good thing is the nickname Wolverine did not stick...


I had to cut my hair and shave my fuzzy facial hair because I'm going to a trade show with my dad, makes me almost wanna... [crying]

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I had a beard for 2 months, then I shaved it in a couple of shapes, one being Lemmy-style and then the long sideburns.


Having a Lemmy-style beard does not go well with short hair...


I still have 3" long sideburns though, I have sported them for 20 years...

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How are you sideburns so awesome?


I think you and Twiz should have a fight to death, loser shaves [flapper]


Reminds me of the Cut his head off and take him to be tortured line from The Groove Tube.


(or Kentucky Fried Movie...not sure which one)

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