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Planet Rock Live Act of the Year


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Planet Rock "The UK's Classic Rock Station. And the results are in:


Joe Bonamassa, He’s the hardest working guitarist out there. Want proof? He’s released a new solo album this year, recorded and released a new album with Black Country Communion, recorded another solo album and appeared on his girlfriend’s album. Oh, and ...he’s played more than 200 gigs in 2010. It’s a staggering feat made even more amazing due to the fact that he’s one of the most loved blues guitarists on the planet with a relentless stream of praise from everyone that’s been to see him at a gig in the past 5 years. Find someone that HASN’T enjoyed a Joe Bonamassa live show and we’ll show you a person that doesn’t know music.


Runners Up:

2) Muse

3) Iron Maiden

4) Airbourne

5) Kiss

6) Alice Cooper

7) Motorhead

8) Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy

9) Bon Jovi

10) Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood


Band of the Year:


Black Country Communion (Yep Joe's there too)


Runners Up:

2) Iron Maiden

3) Muse

4) Slash

5) Alice Cooper


If you go to the link you will see he is in about every category.


Planet Rock

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