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im about to install new GFS pickups into the sheraton. im not quite sure i understand the diagram that came with the pickups all that well. but im going to install pickups to existing wires because dont want to deal with fishing stuff out of the F-holes. wish me luck ill let you guys know how it turns out.

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GFS Pickups are FANTASTIC!

The GFS Diagrams are total DOGMEAT, poorly made - I still have mine in my

"reference Notebooks". Use the SEYMOUR DUNCAN schematic - the color codes

are the SAME.


Good luck, and as CJ asks - What pups?

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the GFS "boutique" fat pat ones. they are all installed and playing great. not bad for my first time.


Excellent Pups! I have a set in my RAVEN WEST LP (see signature, 3rd git down).

Turned mine from Dull sounding to sounding like Neal Schon's Guitar on just about

any Journey recording you pick - it's the ONLY way I can adequately describe the new tone.


I haven't a CLUE what they would sound like in a SHERATON!

HINT, HINT........

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