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100 % Modified Kramer Pacer FT-211S

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I posted back in November about the Indonesian made, Pacer FT-211S which my wife bought for me from Musician's Friend for only 99 bucks. After a while, rather than junking it, I decided to take this sorry excuse for a guitar and turn it into a rather quite, playable and great sounding instrument. The first thing that I did was to take out all of the stock electronics from the pickups , pots, and the 5 way switch. Next,I installed some Copper shielding tape in both the Humbucker and electronic compartments. I then installed a USA made, Tone Pros 500K Pot in the Volume position and a Fender 500K in the Tone Position, after which I substitued the huge knobs with Fender Strat ones. I then installed a Gibson Bridge pickup from a 1998 Les Paul Standard which I got on E-Bay for a very reasonable price. I then wired it up Les Paul Jr. style and now it sounds phenominal and isn't going anywhere. I also took some liberties and covered the entire body with Aluminum tape for a wrinkled, metallic look and added a Copper Egyptian Ankh underneath the bridge. I think it came out pretty cool and looks awesome.

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