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Information Wanted about a Harmony Bobkat


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I can Buy a Harmony Bobkat H 17 in the Netherlands


Here's the advert. : http://link.marktplaats.nl/407881181 (i'm sorry, it is in Dutch)


The owner wants 550,00 dollars for it (no original case included).


How good are these guitars and is it a authentic Harmony Bobkat?


I want to tune it in open G for surf and slide.


I hope you can help me [thumbup]

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Here is about as much as you are going to find on Harmony instruments:


Broadway Music's Harmony page


Get a good look at the Silhouette's case, probably OEM. It fit the guitar, but with the lid closed I bet it looked like the guitar had been run over by a milk truck. Then again, it might have been run over. Those Harmonies are built like tanks.

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