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Feeling a little bummed about my SG Custom shop Reissue


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I bought a used SG reissue custom shop a bit ago. Part of the reason in buying it was because I thought it had BB1 and 2's in it. Found out that it has 57 classics. I know the 57's are great pickups, but I already have em' in my 61 USA reissue, so I really wanted the different flavor BB1 and 2's. I played a VOS with em in it in a store and liked em a lot, although I only played them clean. Now I play Sabbath inspired rock with some 90's alt thrown in mostly. Am I missing out, or are the 57's better suited? I really don't want to alter the custom shop, as I got a good deal on it, and I'd like to not gig it, and hold onto it for future value, so my only option would be trying BB's in my USA, but apparently I can't get them potted unless they're already installed in a guitar. I'm also afraid that the circuitry of the VOS would be needed in the 61 too, in order to get the VOS sound in my head from the store visit. you can refer to this previous post on this.....by me also http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/55263-burstbuckers-1-2-vs-the-57-classic/page__p__740615__fromsearch__1#entry740615


For reference the custom shop I bought is a 2005 year. When did Gibson stop using 57's and begin using BB's. Maybe I need to sell this guitar and buy a newer model with the BB's as that is what I though I was getting to begin with. I should've tested the pickups with a meter before buying, but the owner said they were bb's. He honestly didn't know 100%


I guess I should move this to pickups....sorry

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Well, I'm over it. I was just disappointed because I thought it had BB's in it. The 57 classics are an awesome pickup as well, and maybe even better suited for an SG anyway. I feel the Burstbuckers would probably work best in a Les Paul.


This guitar is all stock, with no marks on it anywhere. It is absolutely mint, with a mint case, C.O.A., and all case candy. It is also a full finish guitar, without the VOS aging process, so it will age naturally on its own with no artificial help, which I like. I may keep this one for myself. If not, I may sell it, as I buy and sell whenever a good opportunity presents itself.

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