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The Russian team just handed our asses to us with 5 unanswered goals in the third period.

Final score: 5-3.

Still a proud Canadian but a little sheepish. It looked like it would be our game after the first period.

Groan. [crying]



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Well I live in Buffalo and having the World Juniors here was great. Hopefully our city was a good host; I know fans ate a lot of chicken wings! It's fitting for Buffalo because we have more hockey fans per capita in the entire US (sorry Detroit but we are the TRUE Hockeytown). No one is close to Canadian fans though. To our friends in the North we do feel for you. The arena was a sea of red. Canadians surely know how to support their team.


From what I understand the Russian players were all tired and most of them were half asleep when they boarded the plane. Many passengers didn't understand why they got booted off the plane.

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