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Hey guys.


I've recently gotten into a band called CAKE, and thought that it would be rather nice to share them with the world (i.e. the Gibson forums...) Anyone ever heard of them? If so, what's your favourite song/album? I myself really like Prolonging The Magic and Fashion Nugget and I also have quite big expectations for their new album Showroom of Compassion (due next Tuesday, first album in six years).


Here're a couple of good songs IMO. I really like the use of trumpet in a rock band [thumbup].




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My personal favorite song by them is Frank Sinatra. The bass player is great. I dig em


Frank Sinatra is indeed a great song. But then again, I have yet to find a song to dislike [tongue]. Their bass player is great, and the guitarist too! Well, I personally find their second and current guitarist, Xan McCurdy, to be a bit better than the guy on the first two albums. If you look up clips of the new songs on Youtube, he plays some really kick *** riffs on the new album.


Actually, I went ahead and found it myself [wink]





Oh right, the other word for behind is a curse word. Silly me. [blink]

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Satan Is My Motor is also another great song by them. This one girl who was a hardcore baptist cursed me out for playing that song [thumbup]


It's not even that offensive :mellow:


I like "Sheep Go To Heaven" for that purpose. Only slightly offensive towards the end...


- B

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Wow, I was contemplating a Cake thread. I've been listening to them a lot in the car lately. I laid off the Cake

for a while because I flat wore those CDs out about 10 years ago! I've seen them a couple times too - fun band.


As someone mentioned, it's hard to find a bad song. As for the older stuff "Walk On By" is one of my favorites.

Great use of pedal steel guitar in that one. The song "Guitar" is a favorite as well. I could go on all day...

"Let Me Go", "Alpha Beta Parking Lot", "Jolene", "Rock & Roll Lifestyle", "Friend is a Four-Letter Word", "Daria,

"You Turn the Screws", "Never There", Really, I could go on all day.


I can't link any streaming content since I'm at work and they IT people are Nazis, but I'll try to post some later.

Hopefully I can find "Italian Leather Sofa" and their killer take on "I Will Survive"

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