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They're probably a little more well known than some of the bands already linked, but, I'd say THE MARS VOLTA is at the top for me.


Been following them since their first album De-loused in the Comatorium. Reading their track titles is enough to gather they're OUT THERE.


Ridiculously talented, and though the band sort of has a revolving door of musicians, the main two guys are always what is The Mars Volta. For the record, regardless of who their drummer happens to be on whichever album, he tends to be PHENOMENAL. You'd almost be inclined to think they don't know what they're doing at all ata quick listen, however, if you hang on long enough to hear them bring it back to earth, it's some of the most beautiful and original music out there, if you ask me. These guys are one of my absolute favorites. Also a pleasure to see live, and such a chaotic sound held tightly by a 7 piece or more band.


For the record, I have about an 80% failure rate when suggesting this band to people. I talk them up, and the hate them....oh well. To each their own.


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Came up on my Pandora playing stuff from the Greenhornes. Cool kinda spacey/psychedelic stuff. I dig it. Any weird bands you found out about by chance that nobody will probably know?


That was pretty sweet.


You should listen to the album "Phoenix" by the Warlocks. I was listening to it the other day and I think you'll dig it. It's not weird it's just sweet.

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