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Is this worth getting (50's style mic)


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Hello, the singer in my band want's a 'retro' mic..she mentioned the one dave vainian uses in the damned. I own a couple of shure, but can't really afford to spend the 180 quid it is for their 'elvis' model.


However I have found this reduced from 64 to 30, now I'm not sure about the ins and outs of mics, but for a live situation will this mic do? http://monacor.co.uk/products/prosound-microphonedynamic/vnr/233590/


has anyone tried this mic/company, I know it's not going to be as good as shure but will i get a alright sound from it?


all the best




p.s it's snowing Smile

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Comparing it to a Shure SM 58 They are fairly similar at least compared to the Frequency graphs, cardioid pattern, and a few other specs so you should be able to tweak it to sound pretty good.





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