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same song names


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A song named Heartbreaker was recorded by


Led Zeppelin

THe Rolling Stones

Gentle Giant

Grand Funk

Dolly Parton

Pat Benatar

B.B King

Ray Charles

Will I Am

Michael Jackson

Maria Carey

Dionne Warwick

Danity Kane

Color Me Badd





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I don't think there's a problem with it... remember Creep and Creep? Both released in the same year in the same country by different bands, both reached #1 in the billboard I think. Weird, yes. [biggrin]

Radiohead and STP if I remember correctly.

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one of my favorite examples of this is Lightnin' Hopkins "Shotgun Blues" ( a variation of "Bring me my Shotgun"), and a song by the same name by Guns-n-Roses.

Definitely not a cover.

And I personally prefer "Bring me my Shotgun" of the 3.......

Gooooo bring me my shot-gun.....an a pocket full o' shells.....

Loooord bring me my shot-gun....an a pocketfull o'shells.....

'cause i'm a'gonna' kill that womannnn......thow her in a deep dark well....... [thumbup] now THATS music!!

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