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Need Help on dating my EJ-160E + Other ?


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I just got a guitar after playing mandolin(my treasured F-9)for quite some time. Also play Fiddle. I decided on the Epiphone EJ-160E since I will not be playing guitar out in public and wanted something that maybe my son would become interested in. I have two questions right now and will likely have many more in the coming months. I bought it as a used instrument although it looks almost brand new. The first question is: What kind of case is the best fit for this guitar? They sold me a new Epiphone EDREAD hard case but it seems a little too loose, I can slide the guitar almost an inch back and forth when it is laying in the case. When the lid is shut and latched I cannot feel the guitar move around though. It also seems quite heavy but that might be because of the instuments I am used to toting around. I was also wondering if anyone could help me figure out the age of it and where it may have been made. The serial number is:0901170691 I don't know if the 0's are letter or number and the Gibson serial number search did not help much. Thanks for any help and looking forward to chatting with you guys.

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EDREAD is the proper case for that guitar. Mine fits like a glove. According to Guitar Dater your instrument was made in November 1990.


Guitar Dater is a good resource, but it's not 100% accurate, as the information is aggregated from guitar owners, and not Epiphone or Gibson itself. There are gaps in what we know and don't.


What we do know id that the serial number in question is a new format serial number (no letter to denote the factory starts the serial number), so it would appear to be a guitar made in the last couple of years. The new format deliberately eliminates a code to identify the factory so that an individual instrument might be evaluated on its own merits or defects, and without prejudice as to its place of origin.


It's best just to email Customer Service (using the link from the Gibson.com) with questions about serial numbers.


Red 333

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