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Epiphone's at it again...


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From Epiphone's blog:




"Remember Those Cool Gray Cases From The Early 1960's?"




"Anybody remember those cool gray Epiphone cases from the early 1960's? This re-issue beauty made it's way to us this morning.

I wish I could tell what is inside of it... but it's TOP secret. Trust me though... you're gonna love it."





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Whatever it is, I'm thinking that it probably has one of these attached to it:







After all, Epi wouldn't go through all the trouble of redesigning and manufacturing the Tremotone just to put it on one model.

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whew!!! before I saw the pic, I was imagining the old grey cardboard cases......

some really good geets came in the cardboard cases though.....my '68 Univox Deluxe Rosewood thinline semi-hollow (Coily) came in 1.

I wonder which (semi or full) hollowbody Epi is fixing to pull out next........

maybe it's a V.O.S. copy of the origional Sheraton, with Gibson Minis and a freakysator.......hey, I can dream too !!

or maybe it's their take on the new B.B. King Lucille......

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Is it an Epi Larry Carlton signature? That would be cool.


I also saw a picture of a gold Riviera p93 on MF's website

the other day. It wasn't offered yet, only the wine was



I'll definitly hold off on any semi-hollow purchase until

this mystery is solved.

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Maybe...a New "original spec's" Riviera...In Faded Cherry, Royal Tan,

and Vintage Sunburst finishes??? Wouldn't THAT be COOL! ;>) That's

what used to come, in those "Gray" cases. Hey, I can always "dream,"

right? The Case should fit the Casino's, too.








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