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any chas n dave fans on the forum?

S t e v e

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Whilst it would be incorrect to call myself a true fan of the chaps, I did have the, erm...pleasure of seeing them in their role as one of the less-likely support acts I've witnessed...


It was over 30 years ago. They must have been in their heyday but, to be brutally honest, I don't even remember a single song they played - although the line "She's got more rabbit than Sainsbury's" has embedded its'self deep in my psyche...




The ticket told me "Retain this Portion" so I have done...



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Did Clapton guest on any of their singles? I remember that Dennis Taylor guested in the video to Snooker Loopy.


Big Jim Sullivan must have been a fan - he produced them at some point. From the first Les Paul in the UK, via the boo-wah in the Crying Game, to Knees Up Mother Brown. Now that's versatility.


P.S. Given the snooker thing, is Big Jim related to Ronnie O'?

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