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So I was playing with the settings on my amp and my Big Muff and I was just trying all different combinations of treble, bass, and mids. Then I switched over to my clean channel which on my Line 6 is the twang default channel with the reverb turned down a little. I switch on the Big Muff and start messing with it. I finally get to the point where I'm about to give and then BAM! I turn the volume knob down just a little and I did something with the sustain (not really sure if it was up or down) and that was it! It was the sound I've been trying to get for years! It's like a perfect vintage distortion. Kinda hard for me to describe in words. It's a sound unlike anything I've ever been able to get outta my rig. I would go as far as to say that it sounds pretty damn close to a tube amp.


Anyway, if you took the time to read my little rant, your awesome. I just felt the need to share since I've never ever been this happy with my guitar sound! msp_cool.gif


EDIT: Here's the audio clip:




First track on the player.

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=D> Way to go. I've found mine too.... at least a hundred times! [biggrin]


I have a good friend who emails every week about how he has finally

found "the sound".


Accept the quest grasshopper - it is infinite!



Haha, I don't know if I like the sound of infinite. msp_flapper.gif I think I'll stick with my sound for now. No point is changing something thats perfect.

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This thread is worthless without soundclips. :-"






Well I have no way of recording it. msp_crying.gif I don't have a recording mic. In fact the only mic I have is the mic on my gaming headset.


Holy $hit! I just thought of something! I could try doing a direct line into my PC. Do you guys know if that would work or not?

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