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Anyone tried this?


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I have not done a install or bought one of His varitone's but I have a Gibson Blueshawk (2 Blues P-90's and a dummy coil to keep feedback away

and it has a regular 3 way toggle and a variatone with tone knob up , (I have not played it or any guitar in a few months as my back is really sore

and I love the tonal shaping it can do, and taking it slow, and with amp settings as well, You get Gibson tones, Fender tones , (*even a Tele like sound)

If memory is correct its 18 different options 6 way Variatone and the 3 way toggle , I did not realize that He was making a Bass model now

I used to have a re-issue Danelectro U3 3 lipstick pick ups and with the Toggle activated one way it was a "Blow Switch" and all 3 lipstick pick ups

were on at once, with Variatone activated it configured not frequencies but pickup configurations among the 3 pick ups (I sure wish I did not sell

that Limo Black U3 ! oh well I think the DC 3 had the same set up but different body style. Sounds like a winner to me !




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