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Calling all Beatles Fans

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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone know about the strings The Beatles used on the Casino's? Were they Pyramid Gold flats or something else by that time in their lives?


Will be re-stringing the Elitist later this month and wanted to know what would sound the most Beatle like.





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Not really sure. I read "Beatles Gear" from cover to cover (twice) and don't ever recall it discussing strings. My impression is that they played whatever was available, which likely varied. I recently put a set of D'Addario flatwound 11's on my Elitist Casino and it does sound pretty cool, though I can't say it sounds more like any specific Beatles tone. But then I'm not playing it through a Vox either. The D'Addario set has a wound G which is appropriate for vintage tone but makes it difficult to play leads if you are used to bending the G string. I have read that the Pyramids flats have more of a vintage tone than D'Addario flats but I don't want to shell out the bucks for them.

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Yeah Paul has said many times they used whatever they could get their hands on or his stock answer "the long shiny ones".




I read the same thing once asked in a music store by some lad and Mccartney had said he was not sure but they were

"the long shiny ones"

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