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Now I know this is different

Silenced Fred

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Not your standard rock.


Omar Rodriguez Lopez is insane on guitar. Been listening to a lot of this stuff trying to play with delay and more nuance playing instead blasting the riffs.


Steve- this will get blasted more than Moore [biggrin]


Its ok guys, I can take it [thumbup]


(I expect tons of "I made it to blank time until I had to shut it off" Its ok, not for everyone, but thought some people might like it)

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No flames form me. Those guys are great. The new stuff is a bit... mellower (if that's the right word).

Not in a bad way - just a bit less intense. Still think this was a killer track - their breakout I guess...




That is definitely my favorite song from them, learned the whole thing, one of the only songs that i have ever done that with [thumbup]


That and Televators are my favorites

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