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Epiphone Les Paul E Series query


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I've got one of these guitars (s/n: MR01090392) and am thinking of selling it. I know they were a limited edition but can't find hardly anything about them on the internet except a bunch of old stuff so am curious, what are they roughly valued at now?


The pics attached aren't of my guitar but it's exactly the same.


Any help would be much appreciated.



post-29021-027636100 1294773087_thumb.jpg

post-29021-062112200 1294773093_thumb.jpg

post-29021-071418900 1294773101_thumb.jpg

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I'm not entirely sure what the value of one of those guitars is these days. Its a bolt set neck with a non-standard headstock (that wasnt very popular), so that will put the resale value below a LP Standard. It does have some neat features to it however, that will boost value a bit.

One thing about your guitar is that the Pearloid finish was available in the UK only. The U.S. market had the ugly crackle finish.


I'm going to take a guess and value it around $250-300 USD depending on the condition of the guitar. Like I said, just a guess.

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The nice thing about limited edition bizzaro Epiphones is that someone will find it beautiful beyond all logic.


I think RTH's price estimate is about right, maybe you'll find a buyer who's into the 50's diner counter look.


I hate to say it, but I kinda like it myself. If I were you, I'd put it on Craigslist with links to ultra high-res pics, someone will be lovestruck.

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They aren't all bolt-ons. There's one sitting in a pawn shop here that's a set neck. It's the lime-green/yellow crackle finish.


Thanks, HC. I just double checked and you are correct. I found conflicting info when making the guide and it accidently ended up in there. I guess its time for an update. I believe they were all set necks. It appears that the LP Extremes were the only set-neck guitars in the whole E-Series.


Previous post fixed.


I still estimate the resale price at around the same amount.

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