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Looks like there is a new Epi Limited Edition LP Custom coming out soon.


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Before I zoomed in, I thought it had P-94s and was stricken with gas, once I read the description, the gas subsided a bit.



I thought they were P94s at first too. I don't know whats up with the gold thing around the pickups. The guitar looks REALLY sweet though. I'd like to find out some more about it.



At least everyone got an advance look at the next MF catalog. lol

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WOW !!!!!!! I finally have a big complaint against Epi.......Stop making ' must have ' guitars !!!!!! Epi keeps putting out fantastic guitars........Thanks Epi....



No joke! If they keep this up for the rest of 2011, they're gonna have to start giving away free antacids to forum users to help relieve the constant GAS!!

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Damn!!! Between this, the new Nighthawk Custom, and the new Sheraton, with (returning) 5-piece neck,

I'm in serious trouble!! ;>b I really (Do) Love, what Epiphone is doing, these days! Oh,

and the faded Wilshire's, with the Tremtone! Damn, damn, damn! (But, keep it up, Epi!!) ;>)




So true C.B. [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup] ....................so true...

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