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The Gibson ES175 Flamed natural is

Chris Carey

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I found Gibson ES 175 Flamed natural which would be of 1976. Who can say to me from which year the ES 175 Flamed Natural was made?





I'm no expert but my 175 has a serial number across the top backside of the headstock and the left most digit is the decade, the next three are the day of the year (032 would be Feb 1st), the next digit or fifth digit would be the year in that decade. The rest is serialized based on location and the next available number that day. Hope that helps.

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In 1976 Gibson was making few, if any, flame top guitars. This is an era known for them making mass quantities of guitars, and many "details" got over looked.


A 1976 Gibson would have an eight-digit serial number, and the first two numbers are a code for the year made. The code for 1976 was "00", therefore a 1076 guitar would have a serial number 00XXXXXX.


The serial number system as stated by "Shortscaler" was not started until mid-1977.

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