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Value of this guitar?


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Hey guys, I'm new here, and this is my first post, I'm a noob yadda yadda...


I live in Dallas, and there is a pawn shop here that is selling a epiphone les Paul that is cherry red. They have it marked for $280, but i'm nearly positive I could bring it down to 250 + taxes. I looked up the serial number and this is what I got:


Your guitar was made at the

Sae Jung Plant, China

February 2006

Production Number: 0303


And the serial number is: SJ06020303


I was just wondering what the retail value of this guitar was, how much they are used, etc. If there is a way to determine this information on my own, you can direct me there, otherwise could someone let me know?


Thank you!


Sorry if this was placed in the wrong place



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