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1959 Fender factory video tour...


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Saw this on MLP, thought some of you might like it. Who knows...mabye a 59 you played was played by a dude with no shirt. [lol]



Thanks for posting this video. I've always wondered how the old fender factory was back in the 50s. Man, everything was practically hand made, no CNC machines that cut out the guitar bodies and necks. Everything was cut out individually from a jigsaw. Golden times indeed.

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Oh yea, that was a great video loved it!! cool.gif


I bet that old dude in the beginning really knew how to run a bandsaw..


About 6:10 seconds in, were those women hand winding those p/u"s??


And I loved that screwdriver that you just pushed down on to tighten.. My dad had some of those lying around...


Great video... nicethread.gif

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