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I'm intrigued by the Super Dove.


I like the looks of it, and the materials and top-end pickup appeal too...The main appeal, though, lies in it's shallower-than-normal body, which would be great for me as I have a dysfunctional right shoulder due to years of playing an SJ200 5 nights a week in the wrong position.


Has anyone played one? They're a delicious looking thing. I'd love opinions!

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The guitar looks nice, but this demonstration fails to impress. Might be loud and so what. No depth, but oversharp trebles. Sounds like glass shards.


Should be given a fingerpicked chance – then again, I'm almost sure it would still be far too straight.

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I'm delighted with this baby, the tone's rich and it sounds awesome when amplified.


I'm traveling to England for 3 years in the summer, and I need some money to pay for my bills, so I've been thinking of selling it and buy an Epiphone elitist J-200 and keeping the rest of the money for payments, I don't know....

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