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Got a soundcloud

Silenced Fred

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Well, its something to build up on, just had like 15 minutes before I had to go pick my mom up, so the recording isn't the best, but I wanted to get it recorded and uploaded, so here goes


honest feedback is welcome [thumbup]


The track is LP on bridge pickup full tone, volume on 5 going into MXR Carbon Copy with a pretty high regen and delay rate into a Line 6 Spider III in case anyone is wondering

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yer on yer way to becoming the next The Edge.


I hope not. That guy has way too much crap... [biggrin]


he's seriously a great player, regret any word I spoke against him. He has some crazy effects stuff, but he has some great stuff. U2 on the other hand...


Listening to a lot of Wilco and Mars Volta lately, have to say they inspired this trippyness [thumbup]


Thanks for listening

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