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So another Namm passes not nothing from Gibson acoustic. Do they even go to Namm?

There are so many gibsons of the past they could re-issue, but dont. GGggrrrr1

..the Tet Offensive, fighting in the streets of Hue, napalm......I want to foget all that crap, why go back? Oh........................NAMM

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Gibson Acoustics officially introduced several new models at NAMM, but regular readers of this forum already know all about them. Some manufacturers make a big production about keeping new models "secret" and "revealing" them at NAMM, some don't.


Martin is a good example of the former. I've played more than one Martin that was already at a dealer before the big "secret" that it existed was revealed at NAMM. "Secret" basically meant "not on the website yet". Gibson does press releases and such throughout the year, Martin saves 'em up for NAMM. Just different marketing approaches.


-- Bob R

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