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Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute at 2011 NAMM?


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Is it true? Gibson will be announcing a Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute? Same colors as the 50s tribute, but with 60s slim neck profile.


I just got an e-mail, yesterday, from my dealer (E.M. Shorts), to let me know there were getting

some of these, this coming Monday! Will venture up there, and see what's what.



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Do you know/can you confirm if a Gold Top will be offered?

From my understanding, the gold top is one of the colors offered, but I cannot confirm. I got the info from mylespaul forum.




This is what the poster there gave:


Ok kids, you heard it here first. No piccies (yet) but I'm sure someone will oblige. Basic specs for now, I'll edit when I get more details.


New stuff for NAMM.


Les Paul Standard & Traditional: Now available in Chicago Blue & Wine Red! Not sure if this are solid or translucent colours yet but Gibson is listing them as a 'Plus-Top' so I'm gonna go for at least a translucent on the Wine Red. In the Chicago Blue was a solid colour then I'd just about **** my pants for one.


Buckethead Studio: Yep, Mr KFC Family Bucket finally gets an affordable model, same oversized scale as before, not sure of spec yet. Will edit and post more when I can.


Les Paul Studio Faded: Can't really explain, looks just like the current model and nothing new as far as I know. I'll recheck ASAP but basically a Studio with Gigbag in Worn Brown & Worn Cherry.


Les Paul '60's Tribute: Just like the current '50's Tribute but with a '60's Neck, same colours if I remember.


SG '60's Tribute: Like above, BUT IN SG!!! Yep, 2 P90's in a SG Special, similar colours to the above but without the HCSB and a Worn Cherry thrown in.


Les Paul & SG Gothic: Yep, they've pulled an All-Black LP & SG model out the parts bin again. This time instead of EMG pickups, they come with Gibson's own GEM pickups (see what they did there?!)


Explorer: Some Dean-a-like Silverburst and bound-bodied Explorer.


And finally, SG Anniversary 24: Now before you scream "WTF?!!?!?" I don't think this is going to be the big 50th Anniversary Model everyone's waiting for but basically think a 24 Fret SG with single-sided '61 style pickguard, can't remember if it had a Vibrola or not (may have been a Maestro), in a Darker-than-usual Cherry.


More to come.


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People in the united states should be really happy that they have NAMM.. so jealous, A SG 60's tribute Goldtop maybe? How cool can't that be! : [thumbup]

Yea, but unfortunately, the NAMM is not open to the public. You must be in the Music industry to attend. I would be nice if Gibson would give each Gibson Forum Members a pass....... [flapper]

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Hey CB -


NAMM pics - from this thread on the SG forum by SG FAN - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/61723-news-flash-2-new-sg-models-new-for-2011/


2 new SGs for 2011, a 50th Anniversary 24 fret SG and a 60s tribute special (p90s and small pickguard) I've got major GAS for the 60s tribute BTW [wub] Here's some pics.


The 50th Anniversary tribute 24 is at the far right. Wicked nice bevels from what I can see.


Different varieties of the 60s tribute Special.


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Sure...It could be "interesting?" I think I'll have to try out the P-90 SG,

as well. ;>)



Knew there was a reason I hadn't gotten the SC Classic yet (went in to buy it and came out with the Robot Les Paul Jr. Special on order). Must've been waiting for this SG 60's Tribute! (Better looking tuners, but it'll have to be in worn Cherry...). Nice!


Looking for more info/confirmation on the 60's Tribute LP. Hopefully, it won't kill the value of my Gold Top I am still hoarding :D.

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IMHO....I predict the Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute will not have the same hype as the previous 50s tribute. I think the SG 60s tribute will have more hype IMHO.

Agreed. The 60's will be too similar to the 50's, the fervor is nearly over. The SG OTOH is already on my radar. Called my GC Rep, he's looking for info. I'd planned to get the SG Classic, but I think this just may replace that.
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