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50 watt Night Train?

Silenced Fred

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Oh wow, I don't know what to say. Footswitch and all. I'll have to check this one out [thumbup]


damn looks nice...Curious to see it how it will compare to the original...also curious about how much there going to charge for the entire stack...Very interesting..thanks for the heads up...though now you made my Night Train obsolete and...thats not cool.. [-(

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Looks nice.....I thought you preffered 6L6s Nathan...................


( I found an extra +1, didn't know where it should go, so, you got it )...........


Gotta be versatile man [biggrin]


Just saying, I'm glad they took that idea. Myself, I have a practice spot far away from civilization so people won't complain in an industrial section, so I can play as loud as I want. I don't want a 15 watt amp

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