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Covered Another Song For You Guys!


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Damn Tman, you're kicking it!! How old are you, if I remember right you're in your mid-teens? You blow me away and I have been playing over 30 years. To bad you can't mic your amp. You need to look into a USB mic.


Thanks man! I think your my biggest supporter! lol msp_thumbup.gifmsp_thumbup.gifmsp_thumbup.gif


I'm 17. And I've looked into getting a mic but they're just too damn expensive. I don't have the money for one right now. msp_crying.gif

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Dude, on this one (and on the "Whole Lotta Love" cover, although I didn't post in that thread) your playing is most excellent. [thumbup]


Keep doing what yer doing--I think you're a swell player, and you're doing some awesome things with music. Keep it up, T.


Thanks man! msp_thumbup.gif

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