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I posted this on the Electrics froum, but maybe the bass forum is more appropriate:


In fiddling with setup on the Genesis bass, it appears that the two low saddles (E & A) are not factory. It could also be the other way around, because the D & G saddles are nickel and the rest of the bridge is chrome.


In any case, the difference forces extreme compensation on the bridge:




The more I look at it, the more I think the D & G saddles are not original. They don't macth the bridge, and they haven't oxidized similarly to the other parts.




Does anyone know if saddles like these are readily available, or would I be forced to replace the whole bridge?


I'd prefer to keep it stock, but I'd also like to make it more playable.


Thanks, Brian

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You might ba able find some saddles someplace like Allparts, but barring that a new three-point bridge will be easy to source from Allparts or Stew-Mac.


But if it were mine, I would replace the whole thing with the (IHMO) better designed, higher quality Hipshot replacement. Screws into the three studs (two of the tree, apparently) and contacts the surface of the body, which will better transfer the vibrations of the strings to the wood. It will really up the sustain, and make for stronger fundamentals. It will greatly increase playability, and it's reversible so you won't have to do any permanent damage to the bass. And it's more adjustable that the stock three-point, so it's easier to dial in the setup.



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You can replace the saddles. I got metal saddles to replace the nylon saddles on my EB-2. It's got a two point bridge, so it's an even bigger pain than a three point, but it's vintage enough I don't really want to put a hipshot on it. The 'Bird, on the other hand, will never be an expensive vintage instrument, so it's going to get one eventually. The odd part is the 'Bird will probably end up being a better player than the EB-2 even though it will never, ever be worth near as much.

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