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you americans gave us some great guitar bands

S t e v e

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Fair Trade,

You gave us our language.

You gave us our country (actually we stole it)


Musially, you gave us The Beatles, The Stones, John Mayall, Long John Baldry, Eric Clapton and an enless list or "others".





We "Fought For It", "It" being "Freedom". There was no giving or stealing involved.

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He didn't mean Fire House. He ment FireHose.






Hell's YEAH fIREHOSE RULES! if I could double plus one this post I would.


I highly recommend "We Jam Econo"

Awesome film about the minutemen

(for those of you out of the loop this was the band with George hurley Mike watt and D. boon, prior too fIREHOSE, with eDfromohio.)

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