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I recently precured a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Version (my secondary)




I got this for £300 as the Dawsons shop who was selling its old stock for the new year RRP £500


I was wondering if the pickups on this are Gibsons and also are they the same as a Gibson Studio (Sounds very similiar to me)


Any help appreciated

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This from MF:

In the neck position is Epiphone's Alnico Classic humbucker, which provides warmth and subtle tone with a full, even response that doesn't hold back when you need that classic humbucker crunch. In the bridge position is the Alnico Classic Plus humbucker. A perfect companion to the Classic, it is overwound for a slightly higher output without sacrificing its rich, vintage tone. Both feature Alnico-II magnets, enamel wire, and are double vacuum waxed. 4-wire output on each pup allows for coil-tapping, and this Les Paul guitar takes full advantage of it with push/pull potentiometers on both volume controls. Combined with the 3-way toggle, these give you 8 killer tones in one great Les Paul guitar.


Nice looking guitar!



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HERES a pick (Just precured the bag today to hold it in)




Dawsons site: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/acatalog/epiphone_les_paul_plus_top_pro_fx_heritage_cherry_sunburst.html


Truss cover Says "Les Paul Custom" Dawsons says "Pro FX" but listed on Custom page.

Only mod I've done is change the jack from naf plastic to a gold plate...

May get some Gibson Pickups since these are still Alnico

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