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A couple of amps and a multi-effects pedal


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Here are a few pics of my setup. My mustang II is presently broken (the USB port isnt't working any longer, how that happened I have no idea). When it did work (with the supplied software) it worked great. Right now I am usung a Vox toneLab ST and a Fender G-DEC junior. it is a better set up than the Mustang II(more amp models and effects). The CD disk that came with the Mustang II was "corrupt" and wouldn't install. I am extremly happy with the ToneLab. It is quite awesome actually. It will take me a while to explore all the diverse sound combinations that this rig can produce. The Vox software and "tone editors" are available online. I downloaded and installed a few programs, they wotk great and the sounds are fantastic. I ordered a different (better)n replacement tube so I will install that when it arrives. Heres a pic of my rig and 2 of my guitars a D'Armond M-55 and Epiphine LP junior.


I'm pretty happy right now (my youngest son used some of his snow shoveling cash to get me the amp.




I've also been playing my Stella 12 string. Check it out.




I also play the Epi's but I did record this today (I had my 12 string worked on a few weeks ago).

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