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I researched both Ampkit/Ampkit Link and iRig for my iPOD Touch 64 before buying my AmpKit Link.

Both the Ampkit & Amplitube software work with either hardware dongle.


The Hardware:

The iRig dongle does not have any of it's own power, so it relies on your iPod/iPhone's battery.

The iRig dongle is all plastic


The AmpKit Link dongle uses 2 AAA batteries (included) to power the link leaving only the app using your

iPod/iPhone's battery instead of both.

The AmpKit Link's jacks have metal connextors and is overall a bit more sturdy.


The Apps:

I use Amplitube on my PC so I am used to the software, the app is very similar, great app.


AmpKit is not as "eyecandy" as Amplitube but is a really great sounding app! The hi-Gain amps especially sound better

to me than on Amplitube. A plus is that AmpKit also has the modeling of the Peavey hi-gain amps like the 6505 and 6534!

The 6534 is my primary amp in this app - I love it!


So, iRig costs $39.95 and is a less impressive bit of hardware as compared to the dongle AmpKit Link which is also $10 LESS at $29.95

As I said BOTH apps work with either dongle, so what you are really choosing is which hardware dongle to use and the AmpKit Link is the better IMO as well as less exspensive.

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i have an iRig and bought the software for iPad. it's fun for a little bit, but honestly more a novelty to me.


Price is the biggest problem IMO: for the price of the $39 iRig, you should not have to buy another app to use it: it should include the FULL amplitube product (the "free" one is way too limited, and you pretty much have to buy the full version.) i also think their in app effects purchases are too expensive, with every add-on effect costing another $3... it adds up quickly.


I have no experience with AmpKit (yet).


hope this helps!


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