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Simon and Garfunkel appreciation thread

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I heard that George wanted his share of the money that Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles to appear.




Yeah it was a great SNL. It opened with George and Lorne arguing over the money with George wanting the whole sum for appearing.


They also sang Here Comes The Sun but that vid gets pulled every time someone post it on youtube.


George also showed his videos for This Song and Crackerbox Palace from his latest album at the time.


I was a teenager when SNL came out of nowhere and made me and my buds gather at someones house at 11:30 on sat night.

Great times.msp_thumbup.gif

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A hunnert years from now the two folks they've been calling 'The King' these past few decades will be long forgotten. I am certain that in a hunnert years, Paul Simon's works will be revered as highly as Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.

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Oh my misspent youth, trying and failing to suss all of Paul Simon's guitar parts! The Boxer still has to be my favourite (it remains at number 2 on my Desert Island Discs hit list, just a fraction behind the Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane). But as the Boxer has already been posted, let's add PS's tribute to the single-worded poem comprised of four letters that almost appeared on their first album cover; how can a song be so melancholic and so hilariously funny at the same time?



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No Garfunkel here (no vocals even) but it shows off Paul Simon on the guitar. (that's his brother Ed playing with him)







I'm sure glad you told me it was Paul's Brother. I'd have gone crazy thinkin' I was seeing double. [blink]


"Simon and Simon"


I can only assume Paul was the one standing up.


What was that rock riff he almost lit into? "Day Tripper?" We played that one in marching band. Earned us a lot of trophies back in the day. [thumbup] We had the coolest of the cool band director. Mrs. Fitzhenry we love you! [wub]

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