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NGD, 2010 Firebird V


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I have to admit, going in, I was afraid the ceramic pickups would be too brittle sounding, too harsh, too high gain. I was worried for NO FREAKING REASON!


Just ran it through some riffs, cleans, dirty, really, really dirty and it went from A-Z and back again without skipping a beat. One thing I didn't know, is that the tuners are in the reverse order of a Strat or Tele or other 6 in line tuners I'm trying to tune the low e, and fiddling with the high e tuner.


Anyway, tuned it up, the intonation, the fretwork, the craftsmanship is everything I hoped for an more. It's a different beast, that's for sure, it hangs differently and the neck feels MUCH longer than an LP neck, almost a bass scale.


Plugged in the Blues Jr, nice and clean and it sparkled, it chimed without any of the harshness I was afraid of (I already had pup replacements figured out). Popped on the compressor, hit the MXR Classic OD and BLAMMO, gritty nasty 70's tone ripping out.

Pop that off, turn on the Pork Loin (another od pedal) a whole different animal of OD comes out, a little clearer but deeper growl if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Oh, the noise gate has been off this entire time, the guitar is dead quiet just hanging there

Upping the ante, I turn off the OD, turn on the swollen pickle, turn on the BBE Sonic stomp, and it's fuzz city, nasty, Black Keys "The Big Come Up" fuzz, and still has warmth to it. Turn that off and turn on the BYOC Leeds Fuzz, perfect. Turn the trem pedal on, and it's 1971, trippy fuzz tones, jump on the wah pedal, and Ken Kesey knocked on my door.


The strings are a bit light for my tastes, feel rubbery, but that is absolutely the only thing I have to say bad about it. I have a feeling this is a long time keeper. And it is just too damn cool, the shape, the mini hums. *****IN! The grain pattern and burst are perfect, IMO. This is a little heavier than I thought it would be


Onto the pics




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Very nice guitar [thumbup]

I'd like to own a 1964 Firebird III (CS), or a Firebird V with an aftermarket maestro lyre vibrola :)


I'm on a semi-hunt for one of those vibrola's... I really wanted a FB with one, but it was way over my budget.

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Thanks for sharing your great pics...


Mine looks identical apart from the old style tuners


I have a SD SM-2 bridge in a cheap copy


I've kept mine standard


After much experimentation I'm now happy with the mini H/B tones


From Strat-grit at the neck


To hi-gain at the bridge





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