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Happy Birthday Californiagirl


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Made sure the wife had a fantastic birthday today.


Check it out.


First birthday gift given this morning by me and the kids—a huge garnet and white gold pendant to match the ear rings I bought her last year. Garnet is her birthstone and being from Idaho it's sentimental as well. The purple star garnet is Idaho's official rock.

Second, a couples massage at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Avila Beach, California. We were the first ones there for "treatment" this morning. That's a half-hour dip in one of the natural mineral springs hot tubs and then an hour long couples massage. What was really strange was that afterwards we found out that the lady who massaged Californiagirl, well it was her birthday too. Kind of weird ya' know. But hey... seriously, if you need to get a way from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's worth the stay. We were just there for the morning though.

Third, dinner at Olive Garden. Hey... that's what the lady wanted. So it was pack up the three kids and off to the OG for some good Italian food.

Fourth, her favorite ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. If you haven't had one of their cakes you need to check it out. It's all good.

Fifth and finally, a brand new Citizen two-tone watch. She's a nurse and needs to keep good time. So that's practical.


Anyway Californiagirl, Happy Birthday baby, I love ya'.

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Wait . . . .


Possibly a butter job for an upcoming guitar purchase?


Just a thought. B)


That's a nice set of gifts CA-man, and a happy B'day to CA-girl.


Never thought about an upcoming guitar purchase. But if there's a way to work one out of this, I'll figure it out. :-k

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