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Ten years ago I played a SJ200 off the wall at my local music store and never forgot that deep rich tone, but could never afford it new. Not even for the used prices, but when I saw this 2003 on e-bay a few wks. ago I saw potential. Was still nervous when it came time to click that mouse - i was the only bidder. Now I know most would never buy without playing, but I took a gamble and with some communication w/seller earlier, i felt a little better.


Many of you probably would look the other way at this SJ because it has no pickguard. It did have one, but was a Martin style [cursing] that owner before last stuck on. First thing I did was take that off, it left a shadow on the wood but it will darken. Has a lot of checking in various spots on top, and one small crack down the middle seam, now tight since I put 3 dampits in the case for almost a week now. But I knew this going in. I will have the crack fixed for $50 and I've got an already broken in (literally) gibby. But how is the sound? Just like the one I remember playing all those years ago. [smile] This is the one. Tone monster.


If you're looking for a SJ200, and not sure because you can't play it, I don't think you can go wrong with this model - or just get one made in 2003 (good year?)


I kind of like the no pickguard look, and will? won't? be replacing that. Guess I got really lucky with the excellent sounding tone, but moral is I am cracked & like cracked Gibsons? [woot]









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Congrats!! That is a great looking one. I've got an '04 and can't imagine a better one. Either it gets better sounding , or my ears are getting better hearing! The pickguard, of course is the icon - but if you're playing isn't going to scratch it up - you can do without it. Plus, OEM replacements aren't cheap. Enjoy it for the next ten years, plus!

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