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Hi everyone.


I bought a used Classic Antique two days ago and I'm very excited about it. In fact, I'd say it's the prettiest Lester I own. It's a honeyburst finish, the one I've been looking after for a while and the thing is like brand new. I'm even thinking of putting it in a glass case on the wall, yeah, it's that nice ! :rolleyes:


My question is : how many Classic Antique were made ? I heard that Gibson made 400 of them, is it correct ?




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Gibson doesn't release production numbers unless the guitar is part of a limited edition run where they say up front "1 of 400."

If your guitar is one of the Guitar of the Week guitars they released in 2007, then yes, they made up to 400 of them. If it's not, your guess is as good as mine.


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Hi R9,

I have a Les Paul Classic Antique, which was one of the “Guitar of the week” models, and it was built in 2008.

I bought the guitar new last September, so it must have been hanging in the shop for a couple of years, and I consider myself to be lucky to find it! I like it better than all the other models that I tried, which included 2008 Standards, Trads and Studios.




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