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SH written in pickup cavity ?????


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That is a beautiful guitar! In 2003 Gibson did a limited run, for the last time ever, of Brazilian Rosewood fret boards... If you are lucky you might have one. You can get all the information on your guitar from Gibson customer service. As far as the SH in the pick up cavity goes I would guess the S stands for standard. I'm not sure what the H would be for...

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SH stands for Sam Houston. It means Sam Houston built your guitar.


I can answer any question. I'm here to help


Um, I'm pretty sure they put Sam in the 335 department; He kept chambering perfectly good Les Pauls.......Maybe he worked his way back into the LP section.....hmmmm..........

I guess it might be a mistake, should have been HS for herritage sunburst

but swapped the letters by mistake [biggrin]



It could also have been inspected by # 13, which would explain the S.H., as # 13 was 'let go' by Gibby and now works as an inspector at Ibanez.....# 13 was dyslexic; he kept sending


righty guitars to stores ordering lefties.........so, H.S. became S.H.

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