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New case for vintage 330


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Hi everyone. This is my first post and I'm hoping for some advice.


I have a 1965 ES-330 that I bought from a shop in London a couple of years ago. It came with an older model Hiscox case that doesn't quite fit the guitar snugly enough. I've had to pack underneath the guitar with a towel to stop it moving in the case and I'm concerned that it's an accident waiting to happen.


What I would like to know is the best recommendation for a new hard case for it. Most manufacturers (e.g. Hiscox, Gator) offer a semi-acoustic or 335-style case, but these my not be better than what I already have.


Here's a shot of the guitar to confirm it's the model where the neck meets the body at the 15th fret, rather than the 19th as with later versions, if that makes any difference.


Any advice gratefully received.




Tim - Cambridgeshire, UK



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As you say, there are many case makers that sell "335" style cases. TKL out of Canada is the supplier for Gibson OEM cases, and the same cases (without the "Gibson" logo) can be purchased from many retailers.


I recently needed to replace a 60 year old case for my L-7. I contacted TKL by e-mail and they furnished me with the manufacturers specific model numbers of the cases they made for the L-5/L-7 size guitars. I was then able to shop retail (on-line) for the specific model number case.


TKL makes at least three grades of cases for most guitars (good, better, best), so you also have "cost" options, and many on-line retailers sell them at VERY reasonable prices.


I would also assume that the body of your 330 is the same size as a 335 (just with a shorter neck), so if you are able to shop for a "335" case, it is a much more popular and identifiable model. TKL should also be able to tell you IF a 330 and a 335 fit the same case.

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