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Electronics for a ES 345 TD


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Here's a couple of schematics, stereo and mono. The schematics don't always list part numbers, but they do tell you want you need.


Here's the stereo diagram:




Here's the mono diagram:




"Stereo" would probably be stock/original for the era, but "mono" in more useful for general use. The wiring for the 345 Varitone circuit is VERY complicated, an option would be to just buy a couple of humbuckers, some knobs, jack, pickup selector switch etc, and fore-go the Varitone circuitry and wire it like a 335. This would make all the parts "off-the-shelf" at most big box guitar stores or on-line parts suppliers.


As for the vintage/original "Varitone" specific parts, they do pop up on e-bay now and then, but command fairly high prices. I doubt that the on-line parts houses like StewMac or AllParts carry these items, as there is very little demand for them, but you might do a little surfing.

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