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Hello Everyone,


I would like to get everyone's opinion on my next guitar adventure.

I am enamored by the Gibson SG Fool that Clapton played while he was in CREAM.


I wanted to start off on my own guitar mod venture by trying to recreate that Gibson SG.

I know this is a lofty proposition but it would be fun.


I wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can find a couple things that would help me recreate it.

1) Hi Res Pictures of the actual FOOL SG or a damn good copy.

2) List of Colors used. color numbers or recommended color palettes.

3) Any advise on what Guitar I should use? Gibson Faded or Epiphone?

4) Preferred humbuckers for this guitar tone?

5) Preferred Tuners for this guitar?


Here is an example:




I know alot of sites actually went through step by step on the "Fool" Creation process.

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Clapton's SG was a 64. It had a Gibson Deluxe Vibrola, Todd Rundgren took it off & installed to stop tailpeice (He states the guitar was falling apart. I will never forgive him for destroying the guitar & chaining the tailpeice.) The pickup's were standard Gibson's that were used back then. Tuners would be standard Klusons.



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If Gibson Sold it, it would be 20k... LOL.

Definitely a boutique item.


Any more advise... I still cannot find a high res photo of the original.


I thought that the auction house would actually have one, but nope.


Anyone know of a high res photo floating out anywhere?

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