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Artist who plays on a Gibson Hummingbird

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Micky Braun of Micky and the Motorcars plays a Hummingbird. MMC, Reckless Kelly...them Braun boys know how to make some damn fine music.

I saw Micky a couple of weeks ago and he is playing a J-200 now. Does he record with the 'Bird?



I don't know the name of these two particular guitarists but they play 'Birds





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I know that June Carter Cash played a natural finish 60's Hummingbird. It was her favorite guitar.


John McLaughlin was a Hummingbird player.


One of my favorite singer songwriters, Kari Jobe plays a Hummingbird Modern Classic.


Maranda Lambert also plays Hummingbirds.


Ive seen Lenny Kravitz with a Hummingbird in his lap quite a bit.


Ive seen one of the guys from Hllsong use a 70's model Hummingbird with red wine finish and solid square fret markers.

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Man, that was nice. Never heard of her before.


Allison was married to Steve Earl but apparently they split in March of 2014. She's the sister of country

singer Shelby Lynn. She wrote and performed "A Soft Place To Fall" in the movie The Horse Whisperer"

and was nominated for an Oscar.

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Sheryl Crow.


There's supposed to be a Hummingbird somewhere in this video but I never seem able to find it:





Very first video I got on iTunes when I got my first iPhone.

There is also supposedly a horse in this video. Still looking for that too.

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